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periodontal tests

The Bio-molecular Diagnostic laboratory offers to the dentist/hygienist different types of tests in order to support the specialist during the phases of prevention, diagnosis, therapy and follow-up of important oral pathologies such as periodontitis and caries.

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Microbiological Test (BPA)

Microbiological test that offers a qualitative and quantitative result related to the main pathogens associated to the onset and progression of periodontitis.


Genetic Test (GPS)

Unique genetic test realized in line with the most modern international scientific research aimed at developing the concept of "periodontal infect genomics".


Caries Test (CRA)

Allows assessment of individual risk associated with the formation of caries and allows the dentist/hygienist to set up a personalized prevention program.


Antibiogram (ANT)

Equips the dentist with indications regarding the most effective antimicrobial active principle to be used for implementing a successful periodontal therapy.


Evaluation Test for Enzimatic Activity (MMP8)

Quantitative test to detect aMMP-8 levels in saliva or in crevicular/sulcular fluid. aMMP-8 is an early marker of tissue damage in the oral cavity that allows the clinician a early treatment in order to avoid the onset of periodontal and peri-implant damages.

Scientific Research

The laboratories of Bio-molecular Diagnostic research employ a qualified scientific team which has many years' experience in microbiology, molecular and cellular biology. Our researchers work daily to offer the most cutting-edge and constantly evolving services on the basis of the results of scientific research and literature data.

What is periodontitis and how does it develop?

Commonly known as 'pyorrhea' and technically defined as 'loss of periodontal attachment'. Sixty percent of the adults in Italy are suffering from various degrees of periodontitis, 10% to 14% of which in a severe and at an advanced stage. The increase in the incidence is dramatic for people ranging from 35 to 44.

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Diagnostic tests
The advantages of our diagnostic tests

During the diagnostic phase they allow to identify and to quantify the main pathogens responsible for periodontitis and periimplantitis. Furthermore, they evaluate both the risk of developing periimplantitis and/or the failure of implanting into patients undergoing an implant prosthetic rehabilitation.

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Diagnostic tests
The effectiveness of the tests

The laboratories of Bio molecular Diagnostic research are born with the object of providing a highly specific analysis service in dentistry. Pioneers of setting up an evaluation test for periodontal risk, unique in the world that allows the specialist to personalize the course of treatment, depending on the genetic traits concerning the main molecules involved in regulating the adjustment of the inflammatory process and the bone metabolism.

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Our equipment

The Bio-Molecular Diagnostic research laboratories are equipped with the most cutting-edge scientific equipment supported by computer systems, which allow the computerization of the entire processing of biological samples, minimizing the operator's intervention and ensuring high quality standards and test reliability.


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